About Compaqpeat SIA

As an established company in our industry, we belong to the leading producers of high-quality substrates for international horticulture.

With more than 150 employees in the Baltics, we are a major employer in the rural regions of Latvia. This is where our roots are. We coordinate and control the entire value chain from raw material to end product, ensuring that our substrates, raw materials and constituents meet our high-quality standards.

Our success factors are our products, our service and especially our employees. Our partners appreciate our trustworthiness, reliability and excellent customer service. We are proud of this, but we do not rest on our laurels: With great passion, we give our best every day to meet all our customers’ requirements.

Mareks Kalve
Mareks Kalve

Tel.: +371 22022200

Spoken languages:
English, Russian, Latvian

Products and solutions
  • Peat-based substrates for various segments and applications in professional horticulture
  • High-quality potting soils for the consumer segment

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