HORTILAND HOLLAND b.v.  from the Netherlands is a manufacturer and marketer of high analysis liquid and solid compound fertilisers and single element liquid , solid fertilisers and organic fertilisers (4-3-3+65%O.M.) for agriculture. Besides this activity, Hortiland Holland b.v. is a company specialized in the selection and production of high-quality hybrid seeds and biological plant protection products. Maximum use is being made from the scientific research of Universities and research stations in Europe, thus enabling Hortiland to stay technologically ahead of competitors on the market.

Hortiland was established in 1992 and has since that time supplied liquid and solid fertilisers, hybrid vegetable seeds and sophisticated biological products to the European, Middle east and Asian horticultural sector. Farmers in many countries in the mentioned areas have been using the products intensively and successfully.

In Europe, Hortiland Holland b.v. is a renowned company with a strong market position. Through combining technical expertise of plant physiology and chemistry with field practical experience. Hortiland continues to work closely with growers to develop new products that will meet the demands of modern crop production taking into consideration the protection of the environment.

Our company only uses high quality refined materials for the production and contributes to the protection of the environment in an active way.

At Hortiland Holland b.v. we will continue to strive to do our best for our customers, stakeholders and the environment.

Stan Fijnaut

Export Manager
Tel.: +30 6972287080

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