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Trinog-xs Greenhouse, since 2004, devotes to supply turnkey solutions for modern agriculture greenhouse with hydroponic cultivation system. Over the past 18 years, we has successfully completed thousands of projects in more than 70 countries through unceasingly research and development.

As a combo, factory shop locates in Changtai, 40mins’ drive from Xiamen Head-office, equipped welding robot and other advanced facilities, with 200 professional skillful staff. Our production and management strictly comply with ISO9001 standard to ensure high quality finished product, available to pass SGS, TUV, CE testing. Our rigorous greenhouse design, high quality products and excellent full supporting services have won high recognition and praise from customers.

Trinog engineer team is not just focus on greenhouse design and project supervision, but also on plants’ cultivation and training. We do hold a 2 ha greenhouse research center, not only show. Agronomist team search tomato, melon, pepper grow in glass greenhouse, which equip with MGS hydroponic and intelligent climate system. What’s more, the other several film greenhouses, equip with vertical A-frame stand, NFT hydroponic, ebb & flow, Dutch bucket for all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Also coming with newly developed light deprivation greenhouse with full system, rail benches system for nursery plant. Here you can get a full service for your agriculture career.

Trinog continuously launch and optimize its agriculture products according to the market changes and customer needs, always maintains a good reputation for products and business.

Adhere to the most reasonable investment to achieve customer output value maximization, for a bright agriculture

Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee

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Products and solutions
  • EU Film Greenhouse
  • ES Film Greenhouse
  • Poly tunnel Greenhouse
  • Polycarbonate Greenhouse
  • Glass Greenhouse
  • Cannabis Greenhouse
  • Net Greenhouse
  • Greenhouse Accessories with climate control system
  • NFT gully system
  • Vertical A frame
  • MGS growing system (tomato, melon, cucumber)
  • Dutch bucket system
  • Ebb and flow bench system
  • Rail bench system
  • Rolling net bench system
  • Light steel housing
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