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About Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Company

Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Company has 15 years of experience in greenhouse design and construction. We have our own factory, covering an area of 1.1HA. The company has a strong and rigorous technical team, advanced production technology and equipment, professional construction team. We have domestic and foreign planting management experts, 20 years of large-scale farm planting experience, we are good at solanaceous fruit vegetable, lettuce and other planting management.

We always believe that it is never possible to experience two identical projects. Respect the difference of the project, and realize the optimization of the project design scheme after research and discussion is our eternal pursuit.
Give us one chance, what we supply is most suitable for you!


Languages: English, Russian, Chinese

Products and solutions
  • Film greenhouse
  • Blackout Light Deprivation greenhouse
  • PC/Glass greenhouse
  • Hydroponic system
  • Seeding system
  • Greenhouse climate controlled system
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